Fritons Ltd brings Fulta’s market leading technology and reputation to New Zealand, in the effort to reduce frost damage to crops in the horticultural sector by providing an advanced method in frost protection.


Fulta Electric Machinery

Fulta Electric Machinery is the top manufacturer in Japan of air-flow systems such as industrial and agricultural blowers and exhausters.

Based on the know-how it has gained through constant technological innovation, the company enjoys the great confidence of industries and keeps a strong brand image with them.


Tea growers in Japan had long suffered damage from late spring frosts freezing and blighting the new buds. Fulta's idea to solve this problem, was to prevent the formation of frost by blowing down heated air to create a warm layer seven to eight meters deep from ground level, thus raising the temperature at lower levels and preventing frost damage.

Many people doubted this idea, but the effects were soon obvious. The reputation of Fulta's frost prevention fans spread rapidly and captured an unshakable confidence of the tea planters.

Today, the company leads the market for these fans, with a share of more than 60%.

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Over the past 40 years Fulta have supplied over 200,000 units across Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Spain, Australia, and New Zealand.

Target crops are tea, apple, pear, grape, cherry, persimmon, plum, and kiwi fruit.